In the area of Drift Reducing spraying Technologies, Agrifac provides the best solutions for operating as safe and sustainable as possible. The biggest challenge is to combine these technologies and still maintain a high quality of spraying. A small, fine droplet provides the best plant coverage whereas a bigger, coarse droplet results in the lowest drift. This means that the optimal result will be realised while using a fine droplet who reduces drift as much as possible. That is exactly the solution Agrifac wants to provide.

Agrifac has sold large numbers of Condor self-propelled sprayers who are equipped with the AirFlowPlus spray boom. The Agrifac AirFlowPlus is able to reduce drift with 97,5%, while using a small and fine droplet. ‘The interest in our AirFlowPlus boom has increased tenfold over the last year’ says Agrifac Sales Manager Maarten Visscher. ‘It is remarkable that there are multiple growers who specifically decrease their boom width from a 45 or 51m boom back to a smaller AirFlowPlus boom.’ Since last year both The Dutch and the German Government recognized the HTA DriftControlPlus as a Drift Reducing Technology. Besides these innovative technologies Agrifac also offers smart and brilliant simple engineering like the Lowered Spray boom (30cm instead of 50cm) together with a 25cm nozzle distance (instead of 50cm). 

Agrifac has been a proud supplier of the famous AirFlowPlus boom since 2012. This improved air-bag technique consists of ventilators, mounted every 3m along the entire boom, which ensures that the speed of the injected air is evenly distributed across the full boom width, even when the amount of air is adjusted according to different land types. The angle of the air intake can also be adjusted over the entire boom width. In response to the increasing demand, Agrifac increased the amount of available AirFlowPlus options. This sprayboom is standardly equipped with spraying sections of 3m, but also sections of 1,5m or even sections per individual nozzle are possible, when choosing for the Agrifac StrictSprayPlus PWM technology.

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Operator Manual- Condor

Operator Manual- Endurance

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