About Us

World Class Product, World Class Service

When Canada West Harvest Centre was first founded in August of 2014, we had one employee, one business plan, and one big dream to bring the best harvest equipment and service to Saskatchewan. Since then, our ambition, drive, and a fantastic team of talented people has allowed us to open five locations in Regina, Saskatoon, Swift Current, Yorkton and Kindersley, and bring something new, exciting, and superior to the market. Despite there being so many options out there today, we knew we had something better to offer to farmers in Saskatchewan that they can’t get anywhere else – world class CLAAS machinery and exceptional service.

Your Success is Our Success

Our customers work hard for their money, and we think they deserve the best product on the market that works as hard as they do. We like to think of our customers as our family – when you succeed, we succeed, and we’re deeply invested in the people we serve. The team at Canada West Harvest Centre is here to back each and every part, purchase, and service, and we love what we do as much as our customers love what they do. Canada West Harvest Centre is here growing right alongside you, and we know the key to success is people – the people we serve, and the people we employ.

We’re Kind of a Big Deal

From that first harvest and first employee, we’ve grown to be Saskatchewan’s premier harvest equipment dealership in highly competitive, mature market and thrived. We’ve done it, we’ve proved we can, and we’ve succeeded at it. The market is hungry for us and Canada West Harvest Centre is here to provide what’s been missing. Our success is founded on building the best team with exceptional local talent - we understand this province, the people who farm here, and the machinery we sell. We are competitive, aggressive, and determined to ensure you succeed. We are the equipment dealer you deserve.

Our Mission Statement

“Canada West Harvest Centre is committed to provide the most value to our customers by being the leading supplier and supporter of harvesting equipment in Saskatchewan.”

This is our daily mission and the ideal that our company was founded on. We strive to be better every day than we were the day before, and provide our customers with the tools they need to succeed in this challenging and fantastic industry that we all share.

We look forward to sharing our passion with you and making your operation the best it can be.

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