On Your Farm Parts Box

 Have The Parts You Need,
Right Where You Need Them!

How It Works:

  • You and the parts team decide on a custom-tailored list of parts to be included
  • Your dealer provides you with these parts, up to $8,000 in value, inside a parts box for you to pick up at your leisure
  • You use the parts as you need them throughout harvest
  • Rent the parts box for $200 per season or purchase the box for $1000 and use it year after year
  • Pay a 10% deposit for your parts, then only pay for the parts you actually use after harvest is over!
  • Consumable items (like filters, oil, grease, etc) can be sold to you outside of the OYF program and included in the parts box too!
  • Option to purchase some or all of the items, including the box, at any point during the season to keep and have ready for next harvest!
  • Order by July 1st, Pickup by July 31st, and return by Nov 30th. It's that simple!

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Contact your local CWHC branch with any CLAAS Machine Model/Serial number to ensure correct and personalized stock list. Some conditions apply.


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